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Article: Featured in VOGUE

Featured in VOGUE

Mohair & Angora was featured in Vogue Türkiye's November 2022 Edition.

"Mohair, one of the world's oldest and most valuable fibers, is being revitalized in its homeland with Anatolian heritage and modern designs through "Mohair&Angora."

Known as mohair in many countries today and considered a luxury, exclusive fiber for centuries, mohair actually spread to the world from Ankara. The product of the Ankara goat, known worldwide as the "Angora Goat," is known as Ankara mohair in our country. Due to its warm structure, durability, and most importantly, its shine, this long, fine, curly, and silk-like bright fiber is also referred to as "diamond thread." Throughout history, it has been used in the clothing of sultans, kings, and queens, making it also known as the "sultan of threads."

Despite various stories about how and when it arrived, the generally accepted view is that the Ankara goat acquired its known characteristics on the Central Anatolian plateau, especially in the region formerly called Angora, now known as Ankara, thus making Ankara the homeland of mohair.

Mohair Angora immortalizes the legendary features of mohair by combining them with special designs that reflect the unique texture of Anatolia. The brand interprets tradition with a modern style and creates a special gift collection that reflects our cultural heritage. Each piece is presented in Mohair Angora's own special design gift box, along with the impressive story of Ankara mohair. The collection includes accessories such as knitwear, scarves, shawls, ties, and stoles designed with mohair. The timeless, universal pieces are featured in both the women's and men's collections.

The founding purpose of Mohair Angora is to restore mohair, which has started to disappear today, back to its homeland as a global brand. Their main goal on this journey is to introduce this beautiful heritage to the world. In the domestic market, the brand's products are available at their flagship store in Sheraton Ankara as well as in Duty-Free shops at airports."


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