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The Treasures of Anatolia

Anatolia, a broad peninsula between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, is known as the "cradle of civilizations." For centuries, its fertile lands have hosted many civilizations, from Göbeklitepe to the Hittites, the Galatians, the Romans, and the Ottoman Empire. Anatolia's rich cultural heritage includes not only monuments and artifacts but also nature, history, arts, and traditional crafts.

The Wonders of the Anatolian Highlands: Angora Goats

A hidden treasure of Anatolia is the beautiful Angora Goats. The ancient province of “Angora,” now Ankara in Türkiye, is known as their homeland. Mohair, the silky fiber obtained from Angora Goats, has been cherished for over centuries for its luxurious characteristics. Known as the “Diamond Fibre” for its luster, warmth, strength, and durability, Mohair is globally prized.

Knitting The History

Mohair&Angora offers “a perfect gift” from Anatolia, revealing its cultural and historical treasures. As a modern brand, Mohair&Angora was reborn in its homeland to preserve this heritage. We "Knit the History" to share Anatolia's treasures with the world. Our collection features exclusively designed knitwear accessories inspired by Anatolia.

Timeless, Sizeless, Sustainable Fashion

Mohair&Angora blends sustainability with ethics, encouraging slow production and mindful consumption. Our designs are timeless, sizeless, and genderless, crafted in limited colors for versatility. We prioritize quality over quantity, creating each piece in our own facilities with the expertise of local workers, ensuring ethical manufacturing processes are upheld. Experience the perfect harmony of sustainability and style with Mohair&Angora.

Locally Made: The Mohair&Angora Collection

Mohair&Angora values the local community and its development, prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility. Every product is proudly crafted in their homeland, Ankara. By producing locally, Mohair&Angora not only guarantees the highest quality standards but also contributes significantly to the local economy. Through its commitment to community and sustainable production, Mohair&Angora celebrates local values and craftsmanship in every piece.

You are invited to enjoy well-made, long-lasting pieces, contributing to a better world and future.